Owl Track testimonials

Just wanted to say I think your customer service is amazing, repaid and helpful responses. Thank you. I always recommend Owl Track to childminders looking at online journals, for the price it's outstanding.
Cath's Childminding Service
We started using Owl Track as we wanted to save on printing costs especially as we take a lot of photographs. In fact there were so many more benefits than saving money. I can easily show how our children make rapid progress as the reports are so comprehensive. Our parents love being able to log on at home to view their child's progress and add their own observations and photos.
Fun to Learn Nursery and Pre-School
Owl Track immediately appealed to us as a system to link together observation and planning, giving the staff the opportunity to access a child's current development and then view their next steps alongside. Our setting has around 120 children on role and in using Owl Track we are now able to access any child's records quickly and efficiently. Also as a management team we can monitor how children's records are being kept and view the standard of observations that are being written.
The Owl Track team are open to new ideas; they constantly update the system and add new specifications often in line with cutomer's suggestions.
Greenside Community Nursery Ltd.
Owl Track has been established for many years and run by experienced early years practioners
The Owl Track team

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